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About Our Firm

Jason S Hegedus, the firm’s Managing Partner, is one of the most experienced and successful Lemon Law lawyers in the state. Mr. Hegedus is one of the only attorneys that used to represent one of the Big 3 auto manufacturers but now represents consumers in Lemon Law cases. Mr. Hegedus has 15 years experience practicing law and has successfully handled over 1,000 of cases for a Big 3 auto manufacturer. Mr. Hegedus’ has the unique advantage of knowing exactly how the auto manufacturers value their cases and knows how to get the most amount of money possible for the consumer.

Mr. Hegedus’ expertise and experience in Lemon Law cases is well known in the legal community. He has successfully argued and won numerous trials involving Lemon Law and consumer actions.

Why Choose Lemon Law Group Partners

Our Team of lawyers has collectively handled over 1000 Lemon Law cases. If Your Car is not covered under the current Lemon Laws We will help you find the best legal solution to your automobile problem.

No Attorneys’ Fees Charged to You

When we obtain a settlement for you, our attorneys’ fees are paid by the auto companies. And if we do not win, you still owe us nothing. Also, you won’t pay a retainer fee up front to have us represent you. Get a Free/No obligation Case Review by Clicking Here.

Years of Lemon Law Experience

We have been practicing since 1995. We know how to deal with auto manufacturers and dealers and we understand the best ways to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion and get you the results you deserve.

Our Success

We handle lemon law cases in 40 states and are familiar with the specific lemon laws of those states. We can help you determine if you have a case, and the best way to achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

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