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Pensylvania consumers are protected by several Federal and State Lemon Laws if they meet any one of the below criteria:

  • New Cars, Trucks, SUV's, and Vans: Most non-commercial vehicles with problems first reported within 12,000 miles and 3 repair attempts.
  • Leased Cars: The same protections apply to you if you've leased your car after Feb. 11th 2002
  • Used Cars: If your vehicle was covered by the original or extended manufacturers or dealers warranty, you are still protected under the law.
  • Serious Defects: If your vehicles defect is likely to cause "serious injury or death", the 3 repair rule may not apply to you and you may qualify for immediate relief.
  • Other Situations: In some situations, problems occurring after 12,000 miles are covered. Call us today to understand your rights as a consumer.

Our Services Are 100% Free – Zero cost to you.

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